survey siteCornerstone Regional Surveying, LLC (Cornerstone) is a professional services company providing a wide range of land surveying services. The company was formed in June of 1996 and has progressively expanded to include licensing in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Two licensed surveyors are employed by the company and are accompanied by a staff of highly qualified field, drafting, and administrative personnel. The licensed land surveyors have a combined experience of over 64 years, and a combined staff with over 175 years of experience..

Gary GPS in the snowOur experience includes working with other professional in the fields of engineering, planning, land development, oil and gas exploration and pipelines, geology, environmental remediation, construction, real estate, and lending.

Our crews are equipped to perform all tasks generally encountered in the surveying field, including Real-Time Kinematics GPS surveying. We use an integrated electronic field-to-finish system designed to minimize errors and maximize productivity.

The types of services provided by Cornerstone Regional Surveying include, but are not limited to:

new equipmentCornerstone Regional Surveying has extensive experience in all types of land surveying and the following list notes a bit of our recent past performance: